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Whether you just purchased your stunning new fur, shearling, or leather garment or you’ve had it for years; make sure that it is properly protected. These valuable garments are an investment and should be appraised and insured properly to ensure that in the case of theft or damage, your money will be recovered. For a nominal charge, Day Furs will thoroughly inspect your garment and prepare a formal written appraisal for insurance, resale, or estate purposes. We write appraisals for all garments – even if they weren’t purchased at Day Furs.

The first step in determining the value of your fur is making sure you receive an appraisal from a knowledgeable master furrier.

A trustworthy company can’t give you an appraisal without seeing your fur any more than a doctor can diagnose you without an examination. Every fur – like every person – is unique and deserves individual attention.

Day Furs has over 250 years of combined skill. We know better than to give you an appraisal without seeing your fur first!

Our approach is to have a design consultant meet with you. During your appraisal appointment, Day Furs will provide you with a detailed appraisal.

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